A magnet for summer sun-seekers, Sardinia’s beaches are among the best in the Med. A truly magnificent feat of nature with soft snow white sand, pebbly or flat rocks ones, lapped by clear, shallow, turquoise and blue waters to rival any beach in the world, Caribbean style. 

When the sea is choppy on Sant’Antioco Island you’ll always find a beach sheltered from the wind. Here you can find coves, secluded inlets and tracts of golden dunes, in all shapes and sizes, whilst their waters dazzle in a thousand shades of blue.

Believe the hype: Sant’Antioco and South Sardinia has some of the dreamiest beaches you’ll find without stepping off European shores. So, yes, the sand really is that white, and the sea the bluest blue.

All you have to do is unroll your beach towel, enjoy the sun, and you’ll never want to leave.

Maladroxia, Coaquaddus, Portixeddu, Is Pruinis (the dog beach), Turri, Porto Sciusciau, Cala Grotta, Is Praneddas, Cala Sapone, Cala Lunga, Spiaggia Grande, Le Saline, Sottotorre, just some example of blending beautiful landscape and sea.

Some with a beautiful bird life, cormorants are easily spotted; water-sport-heavy beaches for teens (Porto Botte), and wild or equipped sandy beaches for toddlers.

Silky beaches, prehistoric treasures, haunting mines – Sardinia’s southwest is rich in history and natural beauty. Its thrilling coastline stretches from great untamed sands to cliff-bound coves .

From Sant’Antioco you can easily get to the North, with Masua and Cala Domestica, a heavenly spot, sandy beach wedged into a natural inlet between craggy rocks.

Or, on the South, Porto Pino beach is famous, together with a second one, Spiaggia Sabbie Bianche (Is Arenas Biancas), just south of Porto Pino and accessible on foot, which is famous for its soft, silky dunes. However, it’s on military land and is off limits outside of July and August. Seek also for Tuerredda and Cala Zafferano, white sand, pale pink reflections and shallow water the colour of the sky, dunes covered in junipers, a corner or paradise, we swear.