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Sardinia is like a continent on itw own, shaped by its own language and fierce traditions, its own cuisine and culture, its own history and the mystery that hangs over it like a cloud. Sardinians are proud of their island, and so they should be. Discover what makes a Sardinian tick and why the island has one of the world’s largest populations of centenarians. Is it the Sardinian Way of Life? (see about food&drink, perhaps…). This island holds the secret to longevity, 150 centenarians out of a population of 1.67 million, about twice the normal level. 

When, in the 1921, DH Lawrence described this Italian Island on the book “Sea and Sardinia”, saying “Sardinia is different” and “lost between Europe and Africa, and belonging to nowhere” he was missing the point. Sardinia belongs to the Sardinians. History might suggest otherwise, but centuries of colonial oppression have done little to dent the islanders’ fierce local pride and their patient (patience is a Sardinian virtue) melancholic resolve. A strong sense of fraternity, respect for tradition and passion for a good festa – these are what unite Sardinians. But to speak of a regional identity is to overlook the island’s geography.

The Sardinian Four Moors’ flag consists of a red cross on a white background with a Moor’s head in each corner.

Tourism right now has soared around here, not the way it is on Northern Sardinia, really crowded: non-Italians now make up half of all visitors, a trend that is set to continue as Sant’Antioco island gradually starts to wake up to the fact that sustainable, year-round tourism is the way forward, and that it can’t merely rely on Italian beach tourists in July and August.

Sant’Antioco has plenty of drinking options ranging from elegant cafes to romantic waterfront bars, hole-in-the wall cocktail joints, pubs and wine bars. Much of the action is in the centro storico, but you’ll also find places on the sea beaches (a favourite spot for sunset views, especially on the Western side). In summer many places stay open late, so take your time…