Sant’Antioco for you

We are on Sant’Antioco, a beautiful island located off the southwestern coast of Sardinia, Italy. It is known for its rich natural beauty and diverse ecosystems, both on land and in the surrounding sea. Here’s a glimpse into Sant’Antioco’s wild nature and the stunning seas that surround it.

Sant’Antioco offers pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, that provide opportunities for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities, also related to the wind which is ever blowing here. The island boasts a varied landscape, including rocky cliffs, secret inlets, and lush green areas, covered with Mediterranean vegetation, featuring aromatic herbs, shrubs, and various types of wildflowers. The diverse flora supports a range of wildlife, creating a harmonious ecosystem. It is home to a variety of bird species, making it an attractive destination for birdwatchers: flamingoes, seagulls, shags, falcons, and other coastal birds. The coastline of Sant’Antioco is scattered with sea caves and grottoes that are accessible by boat or, in some cases, on foot. Exploring these natural formations can be a thrilling experience, with the chance to witness unique rock formations and the interplay of light and shadow.

Sant’Antioco offers a range of adventurous outdoor activities for sports enthusiasts: windsurfing and kitesurfing, kayaking and canoeing, diving and snorkeling, biking and trekking, horseback riding, cycling and rock climbing, boat tours and sailing, and fishing.

The surrounding waters are plentiful in marine life, with a bit of luck you may meet dolphins and turtles: the sea bed is rich in marine flora and fauna, with colorful fish, sea sponges, and other fascinating underwater life. For this reason the waters around Sant’Antioco are ideal for diving and snorkeling, you can get guided excursions for both beginners and experienced divers.

In addition to its natural beauty, Sant’Antioco has historical significance, with ancient ruins and archaeological sites scattered across the island. The blending of nature and history makes this a captivating destination, providing an array of outdoor activities for adventure seekers, ensuring a memorable and active experience in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Our glamping, a combination of “glamorous” and “camping”, offers a luxurious and comfortable camping experience, set in a picturesque, secluded location, providing a breathtaking sea view (to not speak of stargazing), for a peaceful and private retreat amid nature. Instead of traditional tents, Erbe Matte glamping allows you to stay in well-appointed, spacious tents, with unique accommodations. Of course, you can enjoy private outdoor spaces where you can relax and enjoy the panorama. All our tents are eco-friendly and have en suite bathroom facilities, in some of them you can experience the shower under the stars at night. A full immersion in nature without giving up on comfort, with tailored services and guided activities. This way, camping style is, hey, so smart!

Living in a geodesic dome offers a fascinating adventure that goes beyond your expectations, providing an aesthetic and unique experience immersed in nature, with an emotional and visual connection to the surrounding environment.

  • Privacy and romance: This unique architectural context creates an intimate and welcoming, eco-friendly, and at the same time a futuristic space in a fantastic panoramic location.
  • Connection with nature: Geodesic domes integrate large transparent crystals and openings that allow direct contact with the surrounding environment. An intense experience, immersing oneself in the beauty of the external landscape, deriving a sense of tranquility and harmony.
  • Brightness and spaciousness: Thanks to their structure and large windows, geodesic domes are naturally illuminated for much of the day. This brightness contributes to creating an open and cozy atmosphere inside, improving the quality of life for guests.
  • And at night, when the quiet becomes palpable… we offer you the timeless cosmic vastness: the night sky opens up in all its greatness and depth, revealing its magnificence. Constellations and galaxies stand out clearly, and observing the Milky Way in all its splendor is a must, as well as watching shooting stars—a magical sensation that enchants the senses, stimulates the mind, and inspires deep gratitude for the beauty of the cosmos.

Living in a Safari lodge: These tents represent an excellent choice for those who love the adventure of camping and the elegance of a luxury stay. The combination of quality materials and comfort, along with the panoramic sea view, creates a unique glamping-style experience.

  • They are inspired by traditional African safari tents, allowing you to live within a natural context.
  • They are strategically positioned to maximize the spectacular sea scenery, with its enchanting play of colors: at dawn, at sunset, and night under the starry sky. We are on the hill of Capo Sperone, facing the smaller islands of the Sulcis Archipelago, Toro and Vacca. The spacious equipped verandas allow guests to enjoy a breathtaking view of the water and the surrounding rural landscape, perhaps comfortably lying on a hammock, experiencing moments of true poetry and romance. The secluded location of these tents contributes to creating a sense of privacy and tranquility. Away from the urban hustle and bustle, guests can enjoy the peace and serenity of the island.
  • Private bathroom inside, and the shower on the veranda is also private, but outdoors, with a sea view during the day and stars at night is something unique. Taking a shower under the stars (as our guests say) is a magical experience.

Let’s have Jeff Biggers speak for everyone, an American writer and scholar; he wrote a book published in 2023, “In Sardinia,” and said about us, on page 74 of the book: “We spent the night in a unique agriturismo, the breathtaking Erbe Matte campsite at the saddle of a bluff, where we watched from a hammock and platform bed as the moon descended into the sea of the southwestern tip of the island.”

Living in the Vacation House: this location offers the opportunity to spend relaxing time near the sea, as if you were at your own home—a personalized and flexible experience, ideal for those who love the sea and a comfortable and familiar environment. It’s suitable for couples, families, or groups of friends looking to fully enjoy the beauty of the coast in complete relaxation.

  • A well-equipped kitchen allows guests to prepare their meals. This is particularly useful for those who want to experience local cuisine or organize beach picnics. And the dishwasher in the kitchen helps…
  • For those who love to stay connected or enjoy some evening entertainment, the presence of fast Wi-Fi and devices like smart TVs is an added value.
  • One of its main features is the privacy and independence it offers to guests. You can enjoy your seaside vacation without worrying about hotel schedules or sharing common spaces.

Yo, we’re all about inclusivity, do you feel us? We actively hustle to create a chill, inclusive, and respectful vibe for all our guests, no matter their race, religion, physical or cognitive differences, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. If you got any needs, like how you want your beds made or any other stuff, just hit us up. We’re down to make it happen, and we’re stoked to learn from your travel experiences. Your feedback is mad important; we’re on this learning journey with you.

If you are a group, a sports, wellness, cultural, hobby, environmental, animal, recreational, or spiritual association, or if you want to organize an exclusive event, a team-building activity, or are looking for a venue for an intimate alternative wedding, our facility, together with its twin, Erbe Matte, can accommodate a significant number of couples or families. Contact us for information and quotes.

Plus, in our spot, we always have at least one room or apartment that’s cool for differently-abled folks—we show them some extra love. On Sant’Antioco island, we got two beaches set up to cater to their needs. We ain’t just about that architectural accessibility; we’re hustling to make sure they get the same dope experiences as the so-called “normies.” Like, we’re spreading awareness in the community, making sure not only spots are accessible but also that experiences are inclusive, you know? Like enjoying a boat ride or whatever. We’re on that experiential accessibility grind, for real.

And… yo, we’re totally pet-friendly, fam! We know how tricky it can be, especially here in Italy, to hit the road with your furry four-legged homies. But check it, it’s a move that comes with a bunch of perks for those who love kicking it with their loyal furballs. You get that constant companionship, stress levels drop, and it’s a vibe for outdoor activities—exploring new spots, taking strolls, and peeping parks, trails, and other cool spots.

It’s all about giving you that emotional security and the satisfaction of sharing the travel experience, strengthening that bond with your pets. Dogs, especially, are surprisingly down for new environments, hyped to hit up fresh places, and make friends with new folks. Rolling with your pet means you ain’t stressing about leaving your bud with others or dropping them off at some animal shelter. You can enjoy the journey, knowing your fur baby’s right there with you, living their best life.

But hey, travel plans gotta be on point, you feel us? So hit us up, and together, we’ll figure out the perfect setup for your needs and your pet’s. Let’s make this trip a win-win for everyone!



The most innovative, glamorous and comfortable housing solutions, in the midst of nature, overlooking the sea to the south, in a strategic central location to visit the most stunning beaches and inlets of Sant’Antioco Island.
A camping glamping style, with all the best facilities, ample common areas, car parking, free wifi: each tent has a private bathroom, outdoor veranda, table, deck chairs, hammock. Just enjoy our place in total relaxation.

If you are a lover of active tourism and bring your sports equipment with you, we not only have a video monitored car park, you can store everything inside the Glamping in safety.

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